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A professional development network for women in the military community managing creative projects in media and entertainment.

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Our focus is simple. We're here to help you develop the essential soft skills and knowledge required to become certified project managers or program managers using technology.



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We've Just Removed the 3 Biggest Hurdles You've Faced After Transition:


Equivalent or higher pay. 


Proof of work experience.


A supportive community.

The only way to have a “better” outcome is to have a “better” strategy

What's the Advantage of Joining the Women Veterans Career Network® (WVCN)?

The WVCN was created by a Woman Veteran for Women Who Serve in or out of uniform.  It’s a supportive network designed to meet the needs of women of the military community in transition to stabilize their income, and maximize their opportunity for employment utilizing flexibility.  

Network with Community

Our members-only social network keeps personal or general conversations internally.  The platform allows members to connect, or create beneficial conversations for growth as a community in the media and entertainment industry.

Professional Development

business people group at meeting seminar presentation in brigt conference room

Be at the top of your game as a creative project manager or technology specialist in media. Learn with a peer to peer system and be supported without judgement by other members.  


Portrait of a beautiful business woman working on her desk in an office environment.

Having trouble finding employment as a creative?  No worries. We’ll teach you how to create your own economy according to your abilities, tailor your talents, and utilize them to your needs.  Then, help you find employment or generate consistent income.

Are you living up to Your potential?


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  • SDVOB and VOB's Verification Training
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  • Employment Opportunity Access
  • Discounted Access to Trainings and Mentoring
  • Access to Intern Training & Mentorship


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  • Free Membership Plan +
  • Join a network community of professionals eager to grow.
  • Stay up to date with the Project Management, Media, and Entertainment Industry.
  • Learn directly from industry experts, and leaders who lead with tenacity.
  • Learn business techniques, that will guide you in the direction of success.
  • Monthly Professional Webinars
  • Access to Courses
  • Employment Opportunity Access


$39 $29.97 / quarter
  • All the Benefits of the Monthly Plan +
  • Complementary Directory Listing
  • Monthly Professional Webinars
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Annual Membership

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  • Employment Opportunity Access

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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We’re a community designed for you to succeed!

Starters On a Mission

The perfect community for those beginning the journey of transition in their career and who want to increase your income using technology or project management to update your skillset.  No history required.  Just take the CAPM course, and start from there.  You’ll be able to acquire the necessary skills manage projects more effectively  . 


Work for yourself?  “Enhance Your Freelance!”  Learn to manage large quantities of projects or products for your clients or contracting employer.  Perhaps create your own agency using the knowledge you’re able to obtain. The business suite courses can guide you in the right direction of being an independent contractor.

Leadership Development

Whether you’re just starting or familiar with managing projects, leadership is unavoidable.  Why wait until your faced with taking on more responsibility before you acknowledge you need to always be in motion and moving toward your goals?  Our community holds everyone accountable for stepping their game up.  We’re interactive, and realize its a sisterhood in motion.  We want to see each other succeed, and our support shows it.,

Maximize Your Business

Are you a Up and Rising CEO? Utilize project management to organize, strategize, and prepare for your business for the SDVOB, VOB, WOB verifications.  Understand how to become, or hire Virtual Assistants.  Learn Agile, Six Sigma, Lean and technology techniques and catapult your organization into a higher level.  You’ll have an eagles view of what’s going on. It’s time to step up, step out, and Lean in!

Professional Development Opportunities Within Our Network:

Project Management & Agile

Translate your Project Management experience, or bring

Agile methodologies into the traditional project or product delivery practice

with a certified paid gig either as an employee or a Creativepreneur.

Media Consultant

Become a Media Consultant using Project methodologies to implement a project or product delivery practice, and use our platform to develop your skills as you build your resume.

Six Sigma/Lean

Take your career beyond the next level. Learn the strategies and tools necessary to create process improvement. Candidates with the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification are trained to position companies to streamline their processes and reduce expenses.


Teamwork is required on any project.  Discover your role as a team manager and how to guide your team to success.  

"The Project Management Basics Course I took through Project Masters provided me with the information I needed to be a better project manager in my current position. I found the group exercises to be very beneficial as they provided real-world examples of how the framework can be utilized. I would definitely recommend this class and Project Masters to those who want to be a project manager or desire to go for their PMP certification. It provided great resources that I will utilize in my career as a project manager."
Janet O'Meara
Project Manager


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Experienced Instructors With Your Best Interest In Mind!

Train and equip creative people with strategic ways of employment  ⏤ that’s our goal

 Taking these courses combines the perfect formula: experience + process + terminology =
successful translation of what veterans have done for so many years!

Sistah Soldier

Founder, SHE Society

  This project management course teaches you the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to help you become a valued project management asset for your future and current employer.

April Wennerberg

Project Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for paid membership.  However, immediate family members (i.e. spouses or children over 18 yrs. of age) can enroll in all courses without becoming a paid member, or by visiting our core program at www.SheAcademyOnline.com.

At this time, the Montgomery GI Bill or Post 911 cannot be used to purchase access to our programs. However, payment plans are available to work with your financial abilities. 

  • Access to a diverse peer-peer military community

  • Monthly webinars for professional development

  • Discounted events

  • Mastery Notes from SHE VET™ iNSPIRES television show

  • Behind-the-Scene Interview Clips never viewed by the public

  • Downloadable Podcast Interviews

  • Discounted Instructor-Led PMP prep courses 

  • Priority Access to job listings

  • Mentorship

  • One-on-one career coaching (*additional fees apply)

  • Access to our professional Instructors (*additional fees may apply)

  • Tools, Templates, Resources 

  • And much more+

Currently, our courses are specifically designed for beginners to the mid-entry level management so we can ensure everyone has the opportunity to begin their journey of wealth with confidence. We designed our cohorts as paths for a quantum leap experiences and a successful completions.  Participants can start earning an unlimited amount of income within months when they apply the principles taught in our sessions.

Occasionally, we provide Live, tailored training schedules for conferences or corporate needs (with group discounts). However, our re-occurring training is a Virtual Live format to eliminate the unnecessary cost of travel expenses such as airfare, hotel care rental, and per diem allowances.  

Our courses offer participants both the self-pace opportunity or instructor-led mentorship training.

Test fees are not included with the cost of courses. The PMI costs $555. It cost $139 to become a PMI member, but it saves you a reasonable discount on exam fees. Taking the exam as a PMI member costs $405. 

The CAPM exam averages $355

Yes. Our Instructor-Led courses provide Live Q&A sessions once a week during the duration of the course.  After completion of sessions (the remainder of the time), mentors respond through our help-desk until the course is no longer accessible . For self-paced courses, you will find the complete course in a pre-recorded format, and mentorship will not be provided. 

Yes. Our instructors are trained, certified in various industries with years of experience in media, technology, entertainment, and project management.

For most of the certified courses, you have one year to complete the certification. *All other courses access and expiration times are stated and may vary.  See the individual course for instructions.

  • Women who desire to

    • Take control of their careers.

    • Learn a new skillset.

    • Stay on top of their game.

    • Elevate their current skillset.

    • Desire to be part of a professional network

    • Stop relocating and changing jobs without employment that follows them to the next destination.

    • Build a virtual business or effectively manage creative projects.

    • Learn viably, and transferrable skills employers are looking for in remote workers.

  • How to access VA Benefits

  • How to Process Your VA Claims

  • How Acquire Your Service Disabled Veteran Own Business Verification

  • Identification for other Small Business Trainings available to the veteran community, and much more+


It's a powerful thing to know you can work remotely and exceed living just a "comfortable" lifestyle.

Build Your Business

It doesn't matter if you're new or seasoned, you'll learn strategies that can help your business succeed during a changing economy.

Develop Personal and Professionally

We're in this together as peers, and we're committed to never leaving our fallen comrades.

Affordable Payment Options

Can’t make full payments, and need an alternative solution?  We’ve got you covered. Split payment options are available.

Powerful Networking Opportunities

Networking is a skill, and that's why we're here.  Access networking opportunities around the country

Does Your Organization Need Systems?

We help teams create systems and utilize methodologies to save your company unnecessary  expenses and hardship. 

Contract to Hire

We prepare our members for employment from the moment they join us for continuous professional development training.

Training and Development

Trainers are available to assess and assist your organization based it's needs.

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