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CAPM Introduction

New to Project Management? Considering starting a business that allows you to work remotely, and you want to know how to become organized? Well, perhaps you’ll want to become a Certified Associate Project Manager? This is an introductory session that will provide an overview of the entire course. Register today and learn more. The sessions are held virtually. **Personal Assessment is required prior to registration. For additional questions email: Use the contact form on the website.

Project Management Basics

Prepare yourself for the unknown and create a transition plan for your career in the world of project management. Did you know that more employers are requiring soft-skills performance from their candidates. Acquire skills that can set you apart from individuals who are comfortable with stagnation.

Basics of Project Management, Intro to Agile, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Prep Course Bundle

Learn the two most required levels of knowledge exploring the basics of project management and agile. Everything required to enter the world of PMP. A comprehensive preparation for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification exam including instructor-led, mentorship, exam-taking tips, 25 comprehensive module quizzes, a hands on project evaluation, and two full-length 150-question practice exams covering the areas of interest from “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide)” which also provides a report to help you determine your areas of weakness. It doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience, little experience, or simply desire to learn the terminology. Begin your journey today. Our promise is to ensure your success during the entire process. So, what are you waiting for? Distinguish yourself prior to having 3+ years of documented experience required for the PMP Credentials.

Certificate in Agile Project Management

As more and more companies adopt Agile concepts and methodologies, Agile project management practices have become the standard for software development projects. More recently, Agile has grown beyond software projects. Individuals who have a solid understanding of Agile have a distinct advantage in today's changing project management atmosphere. The courses included in this certificate program will provide managers the basic foundation needed to become competent Agile practitioners. This instructor-led mentored program introduces the learner to the basic methodologies, practices, and key concepts of Agile and enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on an Agile team.

Project Management Team Leadership

This course covers the roles and responsibilities of the project management team leader, in particular, their responsibility with regard to project stakeholders. The course also discusses how project management team leaders can build a positive team environment through effective communication, team building activities, problem-solving, and reflective listening. This instructor-led mentored program introduces the learner to the advanced practices, and key concepts of leadership and enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on projects with teams.

SDVOSBs and VOSBs Info Session

Do you own a Service-Disabled, Veteran Own Small Business? Looking for information to submit, or renew your status? Register for our upcoming webinar and have your questions answered. Learn about the qualifications, restrictions, and the necessary documents required to have your submission approved. *Participants are encouraged to submit their questions in advance to ensure there is enough time during the webinar to address the issues or concerns at hand.

Certificate in Leadership for Women In Business

Nearly half of all working adults are women, and women now make up the majority of students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Despite these indications that they have the skills and education to be leaders in the workforce, women are still underrepresented in many areas, and the persistent wage gap demonstrates that their work is often undervalued. This certificate explores both the social and psychological mechanisms that create challenges that professional women often face. Alongside commentary from women leaders, the material also provides concrete and data-driven recommendations for advancing in your career. The courses in the certificate introduce key concepts and practices that all successful business people should be familiar with, thereby serving as a general introduction to topics like leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language.